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Pepper Photography is my business. I'm Christine Coombes. I live in South Devon and have been taking photographs for twenty years. I studied at Epsom and then gained my degree in photography in Wales, graduating in 1998, before working as a professional photographer in Bath and London.

Working for the studio, Zone III, in Bath from 1998 until 2002 I progressed my portrait and dark-room skills and began developing my experience in wedding photography. Together with the other photographers working out of the studio I had a preference for less-formal and non-traditional wedding images. While happy to oblige those who required groups, my personal taste was reflected in the reportage style of images (which you can see elsewhere on this site).

My portrait photography also tends to look less choreographed and I do prefer to feel free to work openly with people as I shoot.

I moved to London and struck out on my own in 2002, establishing and growing Pepper Photography as a wedding and portrait photography business. By 2007 I was shooting approximately 30 weddings a year in London and throughout the UK.

I moved to South Devon in 2008. The workload has had to take a back seat slightly over the past few years following the arrival of my 3rd and 4th child!

But I remain as excited and focussed about images as ever. I'm always really happy to speak to people who share my taste and who would like me to take portraits of them or their family / friends or attend their wedding.

Having a photographer you feel comfortable with is as important as loving their work. So I'm happy to chat to you by phone if you're interested in my images. Contact me via this site and I'll give you a call back.

I prefer to find out the details of your needs. But to give you a guide, my prices start at £110 for 1 hour of shooting and you'll receive a disc with approximately 15 photos. The disc is then yours to do what you want with. I can give good prices for prints on request.

For weddings or other events, we would need to talk about the number of group shots you'd like (if any!), how long you might wish me to stay there for, and any related costs (travel expenses, prints). But the price above will give you an approximate guide.